Use Airport Shuttle Service

Take a Taxi or Use Airport Shuttle Service in Honolulu?

When you arrive on the scene at the airport in Honolulu, you likely are going to be very glad you are in a paradise location. Once that feeling of joy settles in, it then becomes your job to know just how you are going to get from the airport to your hotel. There are some options available to you, but you want to consider what way is going to be the easiest, most convenient, affordable and is going to get you to your hotel quickly. In reality, this is something you should plan out long before you actually land on the island. You want to spend some time thinking about whether you should take a taxi or make use of an airport shuttle Honolulu has available to you.

The Taxi Experience

If you decide to try the taxi route, you need to know what to expect. First, the Honolulu Airport is not that big and it has thousands of people coming through it every day. Know that there will be many people landing at the same time you are and trying to get a taxi at the same time you are. You may have to wait a while before you find a cab for you and your party and the wait may be even longer if you need a larger cab to fit everyone’s luggage. Once you get a cab, you are at the mercy of the driver. You have no way of knowing if the driver is experienced and knows the best way to get to your hotel, so it may end up taking you much longer to get there, costing you more money and delaying your arrival.

Use Airport Shuttle Service

The Shuttle Experience

When you make arrangements for shuttle service before you fly, you know that the shuttle will be waiting for you upon your arrival. You know that a vehicle that is just the right size for everyone in your party and the luggage will be there and that everything and everyone can be loaded in quickly. The driver will then be able to take you right to your destination because the shuttle drivers are all trained and experienced.

The choice between a taxi and shuttle is actually quite a simple one. Invest the time before you travel to make sure you book a shuttle and you can make your trip to Honolulu great right from the time you land.