Start Your Trip Off Right with a Lei Greeting in Honolulu

Start Your Trip Off Right with a Lei Greeting in Honolulu

There are many things that you may look forward to when you think about your upcoming trip to Hawaii. You relish the idea of getting to see the beauty of the islands and enjoy the wonderful beaches Hawaii is well-known for. There are also several great tourists’ sites and historical locations that you want to see during your trip. You do not want to forget to do things like surfing, take a tour of the island, go to a luau and all the great things you have heard about from others. You can also take the time to start your trip off with a beautiful lei greeting in Honolulu when you arrive at the airport.

Arranging a Greeting

The tradition of the lei greeting goes back a long way it is something that many people quickly associate with arriving in Honolulu. There are several lei stands available at the airport when you arrive where you can purchase handmade leis so that when you come in your party can each get one. There are also locations where you can make arrangements ahead of time with the company to have a greeting when you come to the airport and have the leis presented to you and your party. Prices may vary depending on the location and business you choose, so you may want to do some research ahead of time to see what is best for you.

Arrange a Ride Too

While you are making the arrangements for your lei greeting in Honolulu, you should also think about just how you are going to get from the airport in Honolulu to your hotel or resort location. Do some research into the best methods available to you, and you will find that taking advantage of shuttle service like ours at Fly Shuttle Tours is reliable, convenient and more affordable than most of the other options available to you.

Set Everything Up Easily

Just as you can arrange for a lei greeting in Honolulu before your trip, you can set up your ride with us at Fly Shuttle Tours well before you arrive so the vehicle is there waiting for you. Visit our website or give us a call at 808-436-3744 so you can make a reservation for the vehicle you want for your trip so we can be there waiting for you at the airport when you arrive and assist in welcoming you to our wonderful island.