Some Great Honolulu Tours for You to Choose From

Some Great Honolulu Tours for You to Choose From

There are many great things that you will want to see and do when you travel to Hawaii. A lot of people are happy to simply spend all of their time relaxing at the beach, taking in the sun and the surf, swimming in the ocean waters. Others may want to get involved in some of the outdoor adventures you can find in Hawaii and learn to surf, water ski or hang glide. On your trip, you may want to take the opportunity to explore some of the beauty of the islands. There are some great Honolulu tours that you can book through our services at Fly Shuttle Tours so you can see the beauty of Honolulu.

Take a City Tour

One of the best tours that we offer to people is our fantastic city tour. This tour provides you with a six-hour tour of Honolulu so that you can see all of the most popular areas and sites. You can take the time to visit Pearl Harbor and see the attractions at this historic site. You will also get the opportunity to see places like Diamond Head and the Pali Lookout, which provides an amazing view of Oahu. The tour also includes going to downtown Honolulu so you can have the opportunity to see some of Hawaii’s largest city and explore and shop in different areas.

Arrange a Luxury Tour


At Fly Shuttle Tours, we also provide Honolulu tours that are part of our luxury tour package. We have a variety of different tour packages that you and your group can choose from so you can spend the entire day seeing the sights of Honolulu and riding in one of our comfortable, luxury tour buses. We stop at all of the favorite tourist destinations throughout the day, provide you with lunch and do everything possible to make sure you have a fun and memorable day out.

Check Out the Tours Available

If you would like to learn more about the Honolulu Tours that we have available, please check out our website at Fly Shuttle Tours at You can also give us a call at 808-436-3744 to ask any questions that you may have or to make a reservation for a tour during your trip. You can set everything up in advance of your vacation and get ready to have a great time seeing all of the beauty and wonder fo Honolulu.