Honolulu Airport

What You Need to Know about Honolulu Airport

As much as you are looking forward to the trip to Hawaii that you planned with your family or friends when you know you are going to have to deal with the airport when you arrive in Hawaii you may want to make some extra preparations. Honolulu, as beautiful of a city as it is, is notorious for quite a few things, namely its airport and its traffic. The airport itself brings a special set of challenges to anyone passing through, so you want some basic information before you get there, so you know what you are dealing with. A little preparedness goes a long way when you come to Honolulu Airport, and this information can help make things easier for you.

The Basics of the Airport

The airport itself is not only one of the busiest in the United States but in the world today.  Thousands of people each day come through the airport as they travel from around the world to Hawaii for their vacations or business trips. Even though many people may visit other islands in Hawaii, nearly every flight comes directly to Honolulu first before you can catch a connecting flight. While the airport is one of the busiest, it is also one of the smallest airports in a major city. You will deal with crowds everywhere you go in and around the airport as everyone jockeys to get to the front of the line for different services, like baggage claim, car rentals, and taxi services.

Leaving the Airport

Another problem you may face comes when you are leaving Honolulu Airport. Fighting the crowds means fighting with hordes of others looking to make use of taxis and car rental services. There are long waits for each service, and either option is known to be very expensive at the airport. Rental costs are high, and when you add the high costs of gas and parking your car to it, they can be astronomical. Taxi service from the airport is also very expensive, with costs routinely $35 and more just to go to Waikiki, and this does not include the extra fee for each bag you are carrying.

The Better Option

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