The Lei Greeting in Honolulu and Other Hawaii Travel Tips

The Lei Greeting in Honolulu and Other Hawaii Travel Tips

Traveling to Hawaii is always a special experience, whether it is your first time to the islands or your twentieth time. If you are vacationing in Hawaii with your family or friends, taking your honeymoon here or planning a spring break trip, you will find many things that you can enjoy during your visit. As you start to make all your arrangements, there are some things that you want to keep in mind that can help enhance your trip even more. You want to think about things like the traditional lei greeting in Honolulu and other travel tips that will make your time in Hawaii a fantastic one you will never forget.

Packing Appropriately

While most people coming to Hawaii for the first time assume it is going to be sunny and hot all the time since it is a tropical area, you do need to be prepared for other weather experiences. While your days at the beach are likely to be warm so you can wear your swimsuits and summer gear during the day, the nights can get quite cool. You may want to pack long sleeve shirts, a light jacket or a sweater that you can wear for those nights out on the beach or in the city. You also want to make sure you remember to pack things like your sunscreen since you will be out in the sun much more than what you normally experience, making you susceptible to sunburn.

A Wonderful Greeting

One of the true treats of coming to Hawaii is when you can arrange for a lei greeting in Honolulu when you arrive at the airport. While in the past this tradition was carried out automatically to everyone that arrived, not all travel packages you arrange today include this greeting. If your travel package does not, there are several services and companies you can work with before you travel so that you can make sure you get the beautiful flower necklaces as your welcome to Hawaii.

Making Your Plans

As you are making your travel plans to Hawaii such as your lei greeting in Honolulu, make sure you also make plans for your transportation from the airport in Honolulu to your hotel or resort. Here at Fly Shuttle Tours, we can help you with your transportation and provide you with comfortable, luxury service to further enhance your trip. You can find out more about the shuttle options we offer and make a reservation for a vehicle to pick you up when you visit our website.