Downtown Honolulu Air Adventures

Get Ready for Downtown Honolulu Air Adventures

Traveling to Hawaii is a great thrill of its own, but it is only natural that you would want to make the most of your time here and see as much of the area as possible. The beauty of Hawaii is a breathtaking sight, and you may not have an opportunity like this for a long time. While there are plenty of tour possibilities for you when you visit an area like Honolulu, taking one of the Downtown Honolulu air adventures that we offer here at Fly Shuttle Tours is a truly unique experience that you will never forget.

See Honolulu from the Air

The air adventure tours that we offer give you the chance to see Honolulu from a completely different vantage point. You get the choice of going up on your tour in a helicopter or on an airplane, and you get flown by an experienced, veteran pilot who will take you across the area. You will get to see famous historical sites and locations, the beautiful beaches that are such a big part of the area, and the fabulous greenery and scenery that people love on the island. You will be astounded by the views you get, and you will have the opportunity to take pictures and video that your family and friends will be in awe of.

Air Adventures Like Never Before

The Downtown Honolulu air adventures we provide for you give you a tour of the downtown area of the city from far above so you can see what it is like. You will also get the chance to see more remote areas and even take a fantastic trip over active volcanoes so that you can see a sight unlike anything else you may have ever seen. The air tours can provide you with an incredible experience that you will talk about for many years.

Book Your Honolulu Adventure

If you are traveling to Hawaii soon and would like to take part in one of the Downtown Honolulu air adventures that we offer, please take the time to contact us here at Fly Shuttle Tours. For more information about our tours and to book one of the tours for you and your travel party, give us a call at 808-436-3744. One of our staff members will be glad to answer your questions and make a reservation for you during your stay so that you can take to the air and see Hawaii in a very special way.