How to Get a Honolulu Lei Greeting at the Airport

How to Get a Honolulu Lei Greeting at the Airport

One of the things many people look forward to when they are traveling to Hawaii is a lei greeting. You have probably seen it yourself many times in pictures, videos and on television, where people are greeted right away, and a beautiful garland of tropical flowers is placed around their necks as they are welcomed to Hawaii. The thought of experiencing this tradition for yourself is one that has entered your mind a great deal since you started planning your trip to Hawaii. It is worth it to you to find the ways that you can get a Honolulu lei greeting at the airport for you, your family or that special someone traveling with you.

Looking Into the Process

In the past, when Hawaii was first becoming a tourist destination for many people, visitors were routinely greeted with leis as a custom. Over time, the tradition has faded, primarily because so many people come to the islands now that it is not economically feasible to offer it to everyone at no cost. Today, you will need to make arrangements before you travel if you want to have some sort of greeting at the airport. Costs for the leis can vary, depending on where you get them from, how many you need and what flowers are used, but there are several online sources that can provide them for you.

Don’t Forget Your Ride!

While you are arranging for your Honolulu lei greeting for your trip, now is a good time also to consider how you are going to get from the airport to your resort or hotel. Here at Fly Shuttle Tours, we can supply you with the shuttle service that is easy, comfortable and affordable. We offer standard and luxury services to and from the airport in vehicles that are well-maintained and comfortable and with drivers that are reliable, responsible and friendly.

Get Your Trip Started Right

You can make sure you get your Hawaii trip started right when you arrange for a Honolulu lei greeting and a ride from the airport with Fly Shuttle Tours. You can book a vehicle with us online safely and securely when you visit our website. You may also call us directly at 808-436-3744 to make a reservation and ask questions so that you can have everything you need to start your time in Hawaii in a special way.