The Concenience of a waikiki hotel shuttle

The Convenience Waikiki Hotel Shuttle

There is no doubt that a trip to Hawaii is something truly special for you and your family. Your whole group is looking forward to this trip more than any other vacation you have taken, so you want to make sure that every aspect of the trip goes perfectly, from the time you land at the airport to the time you head for home. With that in mind, you want to think about just how you plan to get from the airport to your hotel once you arrive in Honolulu. You want to make sure you use easy, affordable, safe and reliable transportation for your trip, which is why you want to use our Waikiki hotel shuttle at Fly Shuttle Tours.

The Anxiety at the Airport

When you do not choose shuttle service from the airport, you need to prepare yourself for some anxiety and headaches. Taxi service from the airport can be a problem for people, especially when you think about the cost and the quality of the ride. Taxis are quite expensive to Waikiki, and you likely will have to wait for one large enough to hold you, your family and your luggage (and pay extra for each bag you want to stow in the taxi). On top of that, you are never quite sure about the safety of the taxi you get in or the reliability of the driver behind the wheel. All of this can add up to a frustrating start to your trip.

Smooth Sailing with a Shuttle

When you use a Waikiki hotel shuttle from us at Fly Shuttle Tours, your experience will be an easy and smooth one right from the start. You can arrange for a vehicle well in advance of your arrival so that the right size of the vehicle is there waiting for you when you arrive. All of our vehicles are driven by highly experienced and courteous drivers that know the best routes to the hotels and resorts in Waikiki. Each vehicle is reliable, safe, well-maintained, clean, and comfortable and we will not charge you extra for your bags. We can have you at your hotel to start your vacation as soon as possible and without a fuss, all for a very affordable rate that is less than most taxi service.

Do not Delay

To make sure that you have a Waikiki hotel shuttle for you and your family, make sure to call us at Fly Shuttle Tours as soon as you can so you can be sure to get a vehicle for the date and time of your arrival. You can call us at 808-436-3744 or go to our website to make your arrangements and have everything set up quickly and conveniently, so your trip is perfect from the beginning.