Arranging a Honolulu Lei Greeting for Your Trip

It is the first trip to Hawaii that you are taking with your family or with that someone special in your life.
You want the trip to be spectacular from start to finish, and you have made many plans for places to
visit, sights to see, where to dine and much more. To make everything truly special from the time you
arrive, you may want to set up a fantastic greeting for you and your party when you get to the airport.
There is nothing quite like the traditional Honolulu lei greeting you can get at the airport when you
arrive, and knowing what you need to do to make arrangements ahead of time can help set it all up for

Make Greeting Arrangements Online

There are many different local companies you can contact if you want to arrange for a lei greeting upon
your arrival. You can perform a basic online search on the topic, and you will get the names of the
different services that can arrange for this for you. They will be at the airport for you when you arrive
and provide you and your party with the wonderful floral necklaces that provide you with a beautiful gift
as a welcome to the islands.

Choosing the Lei You Want

When you are scheduling a Honolulu lei greeting, you will see that you have many choices for the type
of floral arrangement you want for the necklaces. The flowers you choose will affect the price of each
lei, and the more ornate and decorative you want the necklace the costlier it can be for you. Look at
your options carefully so you can make sure you choose a necklace that looks the way you want and fits
into your budget. You should also consider the service you choose and make sure it is one that has a
good reputation.

Get Your Greeting and a Comfortable Ride

While you are arranging for your Honolulu lei greeting, you should also consider arranging for a quality
ride service to take you from the airport to your destination. Here at Fly Shuttle Tours, we can supply
you with the shuttle service you need that is comfortable and affordable for you. You can make a
reservation with us online at our website, or you can phone us at 808-436- 3744, and we can schedule
everything for you over the phone so that you can get your lei greeting and a great ride too.